How to Become Rooted in Your Feminine Energy

When someone has a balanced root chakra, they may experience good health, vitality, stability-financial and emotional, feelings of safety and security, and feeling comfortable in her own body.

Many of us may have experienced traumas throughout our life that may have caused an imbalance within our root chakra. Abandonment and neglect, physical abuse and growing up in a violent environment, major illnesses and surgeries, and even inherited traumas via our own parents’ fears and experiences.

An unbalanced root chakra can result in issues with anxiety, eating disorders, disassociation, fear of success and change, and poor or overly rigid boundaries (Supercharge your chakras, A. Judith, pg.15)

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is the “foundation” of the body’s energy system. Issues connected to the root chakra usually involve trust, survival, home and family, and feeling rooted and grounded. Exploring one’s physical identity and asking the question, ‘who am I?’ is the first step in tapping into the root chakra.

The purpose of this workshop is to connect with the root–the foundation of who each one of you is as a woman, to discover and explore your true feminine identity-whatever that looks like for you. We are going to utilize yoga poses and exercises to engage and connect the physical with the spirit, and to energize, ground and balance the root chakra. Once the physical body has been engaged, we will then connect to the mind through a brief meditation exercise. Lastly, we will journal, discuss and receive brief coaching around our experiences, physical sensations and emotions that arose throughout the session.

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