Healing Psychic Fair 🔮

⚡️HEALING PSYCHIC FAIR 🔮 Saturday, January 21st 10am-7pm. 27 Waddell Street NE, Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30307.The purpose of the Healing Psychic Fair is to give the community access to what it is like to receive Spirit-to-Spirit communication, to benefit from Spiritual Counseling and/or Healing, and to inform the community that they are capable in... Continue Reading →

Healing Psychic Fair 🔮

HEALING PSYCHIC FAIR Saturday, July 23rd from 3-9pm 27 Waddell Street NE,  Atlanta, GA. We will showcase Atlanta’s Esoteric Greats!* Reiki Practitioners * Numerologist * Astrologers* Massage Therapists* Holistic Practitioners* Mediums * Psychics * Tarot Readers * Intuitives* Crystal Healers* Spirit Artists* Aura Photography* Akashic Records ReadersTICKETS$20 donation at the door$30 donations for those who... Continue Reading →

Healing Psychic Fair 🔮 Sat., Oct. 30th from 3-9pm. Atlanta’s Esoteric Greats!

Healing Psychic Fair 🔮 Sat., Oct. 30th from 3-9pm. Atlanta’s Esoteric Greats! 🔮 Reiki Practitioners 🔮 Numerologist 🔮 Astrologers 🔮 Diviners 🔮 Healers 🔮 Mediums 🔮 Tarot Readers 🔮 Intuitives @irongypsylife @legacy_linkz @aquaauraboutique @naturallymelonie @bendecidx @yansciousreads @hausofglock @skythealchemist Come “Participate in Your Own Healing!” $20 donation at the door $30 donations for those who want... Continue Reading →

Know Thyself: By Tanzania Nevels

For me, the month of April was both really awesome and exciting, but also emotionally exhausting and busy. An abundance of love and laughter, “authentic” communication, combined with the spiritual and emotional maturity to really “see’ one another…showed up as masculine energy to align with my feminine energy. But even with all of that “amazing”... Continue Reading →

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