Mission Statement:
Healing Hands Reiki & Spiritual Development Inc. is a nonprofit that empowers individuals to participate in their own healing process by integrating the practice of Reiki into health care systems and community-based organizations; and fosters a caring and supportive wellness community.

Vision Statement: 
The goal of Healing Hands Reiki & Spiritual Development Inc. is to educate and encourage an optimal life and ultimately transform lives in which individuals consciously utilize and become intune with their inborn abilities to heal and live in balance.

  • Healing Hands Reiki & Spiritual Development Inc. provides the following:
  • Reiki energy treatments and attunements
  • Informative workshops & classes to groups of individuals and caregivers experiencing illness, disability, or trauma
  • Hands-on Reiki practice
  • Reiki groups
  • Certificate of instructional Reiki training
  • Conscious living classes for self-awareness and life improvement
  • Spiritual coaching and support

Meet Our Board:

  • Tiffany Monroe, Founder & President/CEO, Reiki Master Teacher, IARP Member, RHA Member
  • Ina Dewar, Secretary/Director of Social Media Outreach
  • Kevin Monroe, Treasurer/CFO
  • Charlene Edwards, Board Member

About the Founder:

I have a passion for learning and teaching others about how the body works on a chemical and energetic level. My initial background is in Chemical Research & Science Education. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry, a Master’s of Arts in Chemistry, and an Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction. I have over 11 years of experience working in chemical research, and over 13 years working in academia at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Certain experiences earlier in my life caused me to realize that living with constant stress and anxiety was not serving me any justice. In 2013, I took the first step towards developing my life’s true purpose, as a Master Reiki Practitioner. It was then, that I received my attunement, by Sandra Fraser, to Sekhem Reiki at the level of Reiki Master.

The combination of science education and chemical research has helped me to fully appreciate the application of Reiki as a vital healing energy modal. My goal is to continue to develop my Reiki skills so that I can help others reduce stress and promote healing.