Third Eye Chakra: Using Meditation to Manifest Your Inner Vision

The Ajna Chakra, or Third-Eye (Brow) Chakra is located between the eyes where the eyebrows would meet.  It carries the energy of clairvoyance and extra-sensory perception and is driven by the imagination. The pituitary gland governs this chakra. The pituitary gland produces endorphins and regulates activity of the adrenals, reproductive, and thyroid glands. It controls the endocrine system, left brain hemisphere, left eye, nose, ears, sinuses, and parts of the nervous system.

A closed Third Eye Chakra can affect your physical well-being since this energy center governs the pituitary gland and neurological functions. Your body’s ability to fight infection, regulate sleep, and maintain balanced metabolic functions can become compromised when this chakra becomes sluggish and unbalanced. As a result, you may find you are frequently sick, suffer with insomnia, or develop high blood pressure. Other symptoms of a blocked Third Eye Chakra include migraines, sinusitis, seizures, poor vision, and sciatica. Stroke and blindness can result in more extreme cases. A blocked and unbalanced Third Eye can also affect our psychological behavior resulting in delusion, depression, anxiety, and paranoia.

Your third eye exists, although you cannot see it, is the window to your inner vision, intuition, insight, imagination, and peace of mind. It allows us to escape the constraints and limitations of our materialistic world, and live our manifested vision.

Are you living your inner vision? 

The element of the Third Eye chakra is light. Light is a higher and faster vibration than sound. Light is what enables us to see. The Third Eye Chakra is about seeing inside, having insight, and developing our intuition and imagination. Being able to see on the inside to recognize negative life patterns, is what “seeing” is really about. Being able to recognize a pattern that you have held your entire life, and deciding not to do that anymore, is the first step at healing your Third Eye Chakra.  Having intuition (hunches) helps us to recognize these negative life patterns. These hunches and intuitions happen in the subtle body. We need to become quiet enough to really see them.

Most people have a closed Third Eye Chakra because they live an ego-driven life. They strive for material gains and focus only on the physical aspect of their lives, but deep within, their souls are desperate for spiritual fulfillment and peace of mind. They use only their physical eyes, ignoring the spiritual senses, and as a result, find themselves closed in a little box blocking the intuitive perception of the true world. Living an ego-driven life causes us to project untruths out to the physical world.

It is important to notice what we are projecting, and to notice when we’re doing it. Are you projecting all you see yourself to be?

The healing comes when we begin to withdraw the projection and allow yourself to see clearly what something is. This clarity comes when we can remove our value judgments of good and bad; right and wrong. Often we don’t want to see those things in ourselves that we don’t like, or we don’t want to see things we don’t like in others, or sometimes we only see what we don’t like. So we have to let go of the places where we have those values, and begin to look at them without emotion. When you can look at them purely from an observer point of view, you begin to see things differently. Being able to look at something void of emotion allows your mind to see clearly and with insight.

In order to have insight, we need to train the mind to be still. The pictures we hold in our mind (our imagination) actually begin to command a reality. Consider that your personal world is a reflection of your consciousness.  If we want to see that reflection clearly, then we need to become quiet. The mind is actually the reflective surface. When we go into meditation and become still, we are refining our vision so that we can actually see with clarity.  If you want to see inside yourself and you have a question about your life, simply sit quietly in meditation and ask that question. 

Meditation allows us to open our Third Eye Chakra to tap into our inner vision, intuition, and insight.  It allows us to see what we are projecting and when. Meditation allows us to escape the constraints and limitations of our materialistic world, and manifest our vision. Through meditation, we can use our imagination to answer questions about our life and to command a different reality for ourselves. Through meditation, we can awaken our Third Eye and manifest our inner vision.

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