“Understanding the Heart Chakra”: The Right to Love & Be Loved

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO LOVE AND BE LOVED! The purpose of this workshop is to connect with the heart- to open, balance, and align this energetic space.  When someone has a balanced heart chakra, they often show qualities of compassion, love, and empathy. Their ability to remain peaceful and balanced while developing self-love is... Continue Reading →

Sacral Chakra Workshop: Tapping Into Pleasure & Releasing Pain

Understanding the Sacral Chakra. You have the right to feel, you have the right to pleasure! When someone has a balanced sacral chakra, their capacity for pleasure and sexual satisfaction is enhanced, sexuality is balanced, and they are comfortable with intimacy. Their ability to "go with the flow", move with grace, to adapt to change,... Continue Reading →

“Understanding the Chakras: Rooted in your Feminine Energy”

How to become rooted in your feminine energy When someone has a balanced root chakra, they may experience good health, vitality, stability-financial and emotional, feelings of safety and security, and feeling comfortable in her own body. Many of us may have experienced traumas throughout our life that may have caused an imbalance within our root... Continue Reading →

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