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27 Waddell St NE Suite #A, Altanta, GA 30307

Altanta, GA, US, 30307

Info: The Reiki Level I workshop teaches therapeutic touch techniques to reduce stress, to balance energy, and to promote healing for self and others. Students will also receive their Level I Reiki attunement (Usui Reiki), along with a manual, class notes, and guided practice. No prior experience in health care or natural healing is required. The workshops are fun, very casual and beneficial to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Reiki and its different levels

  • How Reiki works and what it can heal

  • The History of Reiki

  • Forms of Reiki

  • The Chakras – Human Energy System

  • Benefits & Science of Reiki

  • Three Usui Reiki Pillars: Gassho Meditation, Reiji-Ho, and Chiryo

  • Byosen Scanning  – Detecting where Reiki is needed

  • Kenyoku – Dry bathing or clearing ones energy field

  • Jacki-kiri Joka-ho – Clearing objects of negative energy

  • Breathing techniques

  • Reiki Hand Positions

  • Reiki Level I Attunement to Usui Reiki

  • Reiki treatment practice of self and others (guided direction given)

INSTRUCTOR: Tiffany N. Monroe, B.S, M.A, Ed.S

  • Reiki Master Teacher (RMT)- Usui Reiki & Sekhmet Reiki

  • Member, Int’l Assn. of Reiki Professionals (IARP)

  • Member, Reiki Healing Association (RHA)


  • The price of the Reiki class & attunement is $150, and includes books, manual, class notes, guided practice, attunement, and certificate.





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